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Dave's 1976 Mazda Cosmo

Picture taken by Jeff Dykes of Nitro Model 253-630-3420 Picture # 4-4-98-1-8.

David won the Spokane Import Event for his class. David drove the car early Saturday morning for an afternoon - evening event, and drove it back the very same night. May 26 2001

Import Series Track champion 1998 SIR

Supercharged 13B Rotary Engine

What most people do not know?

This is David's daily driver.

For more information on the Mazda Cosmo go to the website


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David's Engine Compartment with a CamdenSupercharger with a Holley Carbeurator, and a K&N air filter assembly

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These supercharger kits are not for use on the highway or emmision controlled vehicles.
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