Camden Superchargers Supercharger Rotary Mazda
Now located in Puyallup, Washington

    David Atkins was so pleased with the results of the Camden Supercharger,
that he bought the company and moved its operations from Austin TX to Puyallup
WA in August of 2000. David Atkins has over 5 years of personal use, both daily
driving and on the track, that he contacted his good friend and machinist to look
at the product. Under the new management, countless hours have been spent in
updating the material, clearances, gears, and pulleys to bring the Camden
Supercharger up to date with current technology.
These supercharger kits are not for use on the highway or emmision controlled vehicles.
All pictures submitted are copywrited and owned by Atkins Rotary Specialties.
Camden Superchargers
41026 Ski Park Rd E
Eatonville, WA 98328